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Because of the high volume of inquires we ask that you please review the Frequently Asked Questions below before contacting us. If you still have a question after reviewing please contact us through email or phone (bottom of the page)


Frequently Asked Questions

1 - QUESTION: "I did not receive my links for today, where are they?"

1 - ANSWER: To make it easier on you, the same link is used every day. We make the changes so you don't have to.



2 - QUESTION: "How does each day work?"


Each day there are two calls available. The 24 hour period begins at 8:00 pm US Eastern or 1:00 GMT. Each day's presentations will be available for 24 hours only. You may start listening to them at any time. You don't have to be there exactly at the start. You may listen as many times as you wish throughout the time period.


3 - QUESTION: "I went to the link for the day's call and it's not the day it's supposed to be."

4 - ANSWER: The calls are updated each day at 8PM EST. If it is still showing the previous days calls you just need to refresh or reload the page in your browser. Our computers take pictures of the websites we visit to help them come up faster. When you refresh or reload, you are forcing it to take a new picture of what is really there.


5 - QUESTION: "Refreshing doesn't work, now what?"

5 - ANSWER: If it is after 8PM EST and the page is still not refreshing to the new day you need to empty out your cache. Please go to google and type in "how to empty cache" to find the approriate answer for your computer.


6 - QUESTION: "I missed the window. I want to listen to yesterday's audios. Can't you leave them up for 48 hours?"

6 - ANSWER: Unfortunately, due to the structure of the summit, we cannot leave them up for longer than the 24 hours. We have left a 24 hour window so that people can listen regardless of where they are in the world.

If you would like to be able to listen to any of the audios at your leisure the best option is to upgrade to the gold or platinum access where you will be able to own the MP3's and listen to them whenever you want. To upgrade click here.


7 - QUESTION: "I didn't get to hear Day 1 because of the server issues caused by all the traffic. How can I listen to Day 1?"

7 - ANSWER: Because of the server issues we will be replaying Day 1 after Day 10. So Day 1 will also become "Day 11" :)


8 - QUESTION: "When I tried to listen to an audio in one of the rooms it was starting and stopping."

8 - ANSWER: This may be because there is a lot of people listening to the audio at the same time and thus your download is slow. You can try to press pause, wait 30 to 60 seconds for the audio to buffer, and then press play again. If this does not work you can also try the alternate player by clicking on the alternate player link beneath each audio in the rooms.


9 - QUESTION: "I want to move back and forth in the audio and it won't let me. When I hit pause it goes back to the beginning."

9 - ANSWER: This could be because of the version of acrobat player that you have. You may want to try upgrading your audio acrobat or you can try using the back up audio player by clicking on the alternate player link beneath each audio.


10 - QUESTION: "I have right clicked the mouse on my upgrade page and I can't get "Save Target As"

10 - ANSWER: The picture of the mouse is to show you what a right mouse button is. The links are lower on the page (the following is a picture only to show you what we mean.) You will point the cursor (arrow) to one of the links and then "right click" on that link.


11 - QUESTION: "I have a Mac and my mouse doesn't hav a right click button, what do I do?"

11 - ANSWER: Mac computers do have a right click button. Depending on the operating system you are using the way to right click is to either hold the control key ( at the lower left of the keyboard) while clicking on the link or to hold the command key (next to the space bar). Newer macs typically use the control key.


12 - QUESTION: "When do the Platinum packages ship?"

12 - ANSWER: The platinum packages will be shipping after the close out of the summit.


13 - QUESTION: "What is the difference between the Platinum and the Gold."

13 - ANSWER: The platinum package includes all of the digital access of the gold package plus 5 additional bonus audios and the audios of the event are shipped to you on CDs and you also get a printed Workbook that corresponds with each call in the event.


14 - QUESTION: "If I buy the gold package am I free to share the download links with friends and clients?"

14 - ANSWER: This is a violation of the copyright. You are purchasing the package for your use only. It is not fair to those who have paid if it is being freely distributed to those who have not.




If you have additional questions that were not answered here please contact us by emailing us at April@TappingWorldSummit.com


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