A Worldwide Online Event on EFT and Meridian Tapping
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The First Tapping World Summit had over 81,000 attendees! Please join us this coming February by sharing this powerful FREE 10-day virtual online event. You'll get to share the magic of Tapping and earn big commissions in the process!

From the Desk of Nicolas Ortner

Founder and Producer of The Tapping World Summit
Founder of The Tapping Insiders Club

Producer of the Documentary film The Tapping Solution


Dear Friend,

The first Tapping World Summit, which took place in March of 2008, was a huge success. We had over 81,000 people attend between our running the event and Mercola.com running the event! We need your help to make the 2010 Tapping World Summit event an even bigger success and we look forward to rewarding you with big affiliate commissions for your help.


This is a great opportunity for you to:

  • Earn great commissions on all upgrades on the event ($45 and $75 commissions)
  • Receive ongoing commission checks for those that join our Tapping Insiders Club
  • Participate in our Affiliate Contest to receive great prizes.
  • Share the amazing free information from the event to all of our followers
  • Join a massive effort to spread EFT/Tapping in the world
  • Earn an extra 10% second-tier commission on sales generated by affiliates YOU refer to us!


Here is a breakdown of the basics...


What is this Event and Product?

The Tapping World Summit is an online event that your subscribers can attend for Free while it is live. Each day, twice a day for ten days, in our "Virtual Seminar Room" the attendees are personally introduced to a new technique and "tap-along" program for dealing with a specific area. They are walked through each section, step-by-step and learn the fundamentals all the way through to the more advanced techniques.


What is the Product that I will Earn Commissions on?

As we mentioned above, the event is Free to attend while the event is going on. However, if somebody wishes to have the digital downloads of the event or the hardcopy CD's with the manual there is an upgrade cost.

Here is a breakdown of the three ways for your subscribers to participate in the event:

When your subscriber registers for the event he or she gets to listen to each days audios for a period of 24 hours after they go live. (You get to deliver them great free content)
$97 Gold Upgrade Option
Your subscriber gets all the audios and the manual available for download.
$197 Platinum Upgrade Option
Your subscriber gets all the audios on CD's and the manual shipped to them (plus access to the Gold Upgrade)


What are the Commissions?

You earn a great affiliate commissions on all upgrades of the 2010 Tapping World Summit. Here is a breakdown:

Your Commissions
$97 Gold Upgrade Option
You Earn $45
$197 Platinum Upgrade Option
You Earn $75



Upsell Option - You earn a 30% affiliate commission on anyone who chooses to join "The Tapping Insiders Club" after they have purchase the upgrade to the event (People are NOT forced into the club when they buy, they have the option to join). Here are the commissions you'll earn for anyone that joins the club:

Your Commissions
Tapping Insiders Club 60 Day Trial - Free for 60 days, then $27/month
You Earn $8.10 (30%) for every paid month for as long as they stay a member


2nd Tier Affiliate - You earn an additional 10% affiliate commission on any sales generated by an affiliate you refer to us. To sign up an affiliate under you they need to click on any of your affiliate links and then sign up as an affiliate. We'll set up a special "2nd tier email" that you can you send out to your affiliates shortly.

Here are the extra commissions you'll earn:

Your 2nd Tier Affiliate Commissions
$97 Gold Upgrade Option
You Earn $9.70 (10%)
$197 Platinum Upgrade Option
You Earn $19.70 (10%)
Tapping Insiders Club 60 Day Trial - Free for 60 days, then $27/month You Earn $2.70 (10%) for every paid month for as long as they stay a member



What do I have to do?

Promotion for the event starts on February 1st. The event itself starts on February 21st. All you have to do is let your subscribers know about the event after February 1st. Here's what we recommend (we'll have example emails to send out as each of the dates come up):

Step 1 - Send out a solo email to your followers anytime between February 1st and February 5th.

Step 2 - Send out a solo email to your followers anytime between February 7th to the 17th reminding them that the event is coming up.

Step 3 - Send out a solo email on February 21st reminding them that the event is starting that day and that they should register so as to not miss out on any calls.



We'll have banners available for you to set up on your site. We'll let you know about those as we get closer to the event.


What is the affiliate contest?

As a way to make things even more exciting for affiliates we're going to be giving away some really great prizes. Which prizes you get to have will depend on how many people you have sign up for the free event. The more people you get to sign up the cooler prizes you get.

We'll be announcing the details of the affiliate contest and how it will all work as we get closer to February 1st. :)



Let's recap why this is an easy, smart promotion that will benefit both you and your subcribers...


check mark Our team has a proven track record with the success of first Tapping World Summit and the launch of the Tapping Insiders Club.
check mark You'll earn great commissions on sales of the $97 an $197 Upgrade options.
check mark You'll earn 30% commissions on those that join the $27/month Tapping Insiders Club for the life of their membership.
check mark We value your support. We cookie your leads in for ALL products that we own and sell, both now and in the future.
check mark Your subscribers will love you when they get to attend a Free online event with a powerful list of speakers and amazing content.
check mark You get to share a powerful technique that will give massive value to your subscribers. (Just read the testimonials from our first event)
check mark You'll earn 10% second tier commissions for sales generated from affiliates you refer to us!




Promotion for the Event Starts on
Monday, February 1st!

(The actual event begins on February 21st, 2010)



If you are not currently an affiliate click on the link below to join us now!




If You're Already an Affiliate you don't have to do anything right now. We will email you with where to get your links and template emails as we get closer to February 1st.


If you have any questions please email Alex Ortner (affiliate manager) at Alex@TryItOnEverything.com.



This is an Online Event. You don't have to go anywhere, fight traffic or sit in a hotel...just join us online for
this rare opportunity to learn from some of the world's foremost EFT experts! And if you're not available that
day, you can still participate. Details on the next page!

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